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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • One of the people in my life that has been a tremendous inspiration to me over the course of the last 12 years is my ‘sifu’ Master Raymond Lo. Whilst he has been my teacher of Feng Shui and other Chinese metaphysics subjects since 1996, he has been an inspiration to me on so many other levels.

    A genuineFeng Shui master from Hong Kong – Master Raymond Lo kindly answered some of the questions posed by western Feng Shui enthusiasts.

    QI have just read the latest Everywoman and notice that you say to obtain a Dragon Tortoise if your house faces west. Can you please tell me what this is and where to get one? Also I am born in the year of the Pig (1971) and wear a dragon pendant, is this good? S Forrest

    AA Dragon Tortoise is an animal that has the head of a dragon and the body of a tortoise. You can purchase a dragon tortoise made from metal through the following website: http.fengshuishop.com.au/.

    QDoes a canopy over your bed help or hinder? I have Indian silk saris draped over gold conduit with finials, so it is light and colourful. I also have a green wall behind my bed – it looks great but is it good Feng Shui? J Pusey

    AFrom your description I don’t see why the look of your bedroom would bring you bad fortune. In fact, what is more important is the position of the bedroom in relationship to the rest of the rooms. This is determined by the orientation of the home and when it was built.

    QLooking out the front door, which side should a tortoise be placed? J. Pusey

    AThe Tortoise symbolizes steadfastness, longevity and is associated with the hills behind your home. These in turn signify the support, stability and protection of your environment. Therefore the Tortoise should be placed at the rear of the garden or home for greatest advantage.

    QI am interested in Fu dogs and would like to get 2 for my driveway. Could you please tell me where I can get them and how much they are:-

    AThe price will depend entirely on the size that you wish to purchase and if they are for your driveway I would imagine that you would want quite large or life size options. As for the appropriate store I would suggest going to an Oriental shop. You may have difficulty due to the size that you require – if so please contact me.


    Thanks to all of you who have written in with your questions so far this year. As usual it’s difficult for me to answer them all, however I’m sure that the following will give you all something to consider.

    QSince moving into our new home I’ve been having trouble sleeping, how come it bothers me and not my husband?

    QCould you please give me the name of a book that is “in depth without getting too technical”.

    AThere are many books available that have been written with varying degrees of expertise and espousing the benefits of many different schools of thought. I would recommend “The living earth manual” by Stephen Skinner, “Feng Shui and destiny for Managers” and Feng Shui and Destiny for Families” by Raymond Lo.

    Place a wind chime in the lounge room, that wall in your kitchen has got to be knocked down and…. oh yes!! Do not forget the fish tank full of gold fish in that study. These and many more theories to counter bad energies have been remedies prescribed by geomancers to Chinese and Westerners alike - but how does it all work? Fate and destiny, life and luck - wouldn’t we all like to know the answers on how to enhance our lifestyle and get the right energy to prosper and be happy.

    A professional in this area is one of the world’s most well known figures in Feng Shui, Master Raymond Lo. He uses precise formulas and calculations required to enhance auspicious forces and repel bad energy - minus the ‘hocus pocus’.

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