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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 29 Apr


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    There is absolutely nothing in the world that is better than a Mother’s Love.

    A Mother’s love is an intimate, intense, unflinching, forgiving, sustainable and not based on the usual give and take of other relationships that we create throughout the course of our lives.

    A Mother’s innate love leads the way and presents a glittering example to us all on the type of love to cultivate and spread amongst those with whom we share our lives.

    There is no denying this instinctive, ingrained force within Mother’s that compels to give all that there is to give, be fiercely protective and ensure that the brood have been provided with a sufficiently elevated podium from which to leap when entering the world on their own.

    For all the differences; culturally, economically, morally that we seem to be confronted with on a daily basis…….the one thing we all have in common is a Mother.

    It’s Mother’s Day soon, the day we get to publicly and of course privately celebrate the one thing we all share in common, that most amazing of all women – our Mother. It’s our time to acknowledge one of the greatest gifts in life……MUM.

    It’s not until you do your first series of midnight breastfeeding runs or the first smelly nappy change that you realise ‘Love and Harmony’ are not the first adjectives that come to mind. Nor, when the time eventually comes where you have to hang out the laundry, while ‘kissing better’ a grazed knee, while answering the phone, while helping with the homework, that you can really understand the level of love and commitment Mother’s possess.

    It is when you’re doing it all yourself that you realise….notwithstanding the joys of motherhood; it’s an incredible never ending juggling act to keep the balls in the air. With all the trials and tribulations that a Mother faces on a daily basis, it isn’t any wonder it is an even greater challenge to attain a sense of balance in life; the kind of balance that allows a Mum to be a vital woman in her own right as well as fully present to her broods needs at any given point in time.

    On this “Mum Appreciation” day we, those that love her can fuss over her, spoil and pamper her with her full approval. This is the day where her incredible feats of endurance, her constancy, her comfort, unconditional love and wisdom are exuberantly recognised and appreciated.

    This is the day when finding her that special, meaningful something, that gift that says ‘Thanks for Everything Mum’ is a satisfying pursuit.

    Mum’s are extra special…so let's continue to love back at every given opportunity.

    Here are some great gift ideas exclusively from the Feng Shui shop that can help to provide love, good health, vitality, balance and sucecss in your Mum’s life.

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