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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 01 Jul


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    Feng Shui and Protection!

    When using Feng Shui we work with both the tangible and intangible forces. This same principle applies when we seek protection; we seek it from the things we see, feel and taste and…from the ones we may only ‘sense’.

    In seeking to provide protection for ourselves, our families and colleagues - the goal is to enhance our immediate environment so that harmony can prevail. Living and working in a harmonious environment means that our efforts towards creating an abundant future are not hampered by negative influences – intentional or unintentional. Remember, our ability to create abundance - emotionally, physically and financially - is supported by a clear, clean and balanced environment.

    Everybody can benefit through the effective use of Protective Amulets, Artefacts and good practices. Here are eight ways to activate protection in your life:

    • Amulets – These have been worn or carried over the ages and they have been used for their protective powers. In almost every culture, there are these types of sacred symbols which have over millenia built up a potency. Amulets come in Jewelry or pendant form, quite beautiful and engaging pieces, and in the case of the "Malocchia" in vibrant glass and silver. When you receive your amulet, smudge it with incense and think about yourself and those you are concerned about being fully protected, safe and strong, this infuses your thoughts into the amulet, activating its power to protect. Wear, or carry the charm with you in the form of a key ring or bag charm.
    • Symbolic Artefacts - Our connection with objects that have specific meaning is based in our cultural heritage. However as the potential for instant communication increases, our world gets smaller and there is a much greater knowledge of the symbology that exists around the globe. In Feng Shui the Dragon, Dragon Tortoise, Fu Dogs and Temple Lions are given the task to protect the physical body and the home or business, whilst the sound made by the Metal Bell can counter the negative earth element of difficulty and obstacles. Place them as directed and their energetic influence will provide protection.
    • Smudging – Smudging refers to passing yourself or an object through sacred smoke as a means of purification. When burned, certain herbs release a high vibrational energy that is used to purify unwanted, negative forces – what most people call negative energy. Herbs like white sage, and incenses such as frankincense, sandalwood, myhrr and lavendercan be burned to cleanse. Simply allow the smoke to waft around you, or whatever it is you wish to cleanse and make sure you present your good intentions whilst allowing the smoke to build. Finally, in the case of your home open the doors and window to allow the fresh air to pass through.
    • Sea Salt Bath – In a similar manner to smudging, taking a sea salt bath can cleanse the physical body. Put two heaped tablespoons of sea salt in your bath water and simply relax. Imagine all the stress and harmful energy you have accumulated or taken on from others flowing into the water and being neutralized by the salt. What a great reason to take the time to have a bath.
    • Crystals for Protection – In a similar fashion to an amulet, you can carry a crystal known for its protective and grounding qualities with you. Some of the darker coloured stones have associations with protection. In fact you can also wear them in the form of beautiful pieces of jewellery. Some of the crystals we use at the Feng Shui Shop in our jewellery range are obsidian, onyx, hematite and smoky quartz,. Other stones which also have protective qualities are red jasper, amber, citrine, and clear quartz. Like the amulet, cleanse your stone or jewellry and transfer your intention into it.
    • Meditation – Meditation is a blessing to those who practice. As mentioned in past articles regular meditation leaves you clear, centered, harmonious and in a mental place where you can respond to the potential difficulties in life in a conscious manner, rather than reacting to them in a knee jerk unconscious manner. It doesn’t matter the style or tradition of your meditation as each person will find a certain practice will resonate for them, it is in the regular practice – this means even short meditations on a daily basis – where the cumulative benefit is found.
    • Emotions and Boundaries – Emotional boundaries do not instantly come to mind when we think of Protection but they are incredibly important as they eliminate a level of angst from our lives and leave our minds and hearts clear of negative emotions such as resentment and overload. Consequently it is not an element to leave out. Sometimes protecting yourself simply means saying “no” and standing your ground. As an adult, it is you who defines what is acceptable and unacceptable in your life and aren't we fortunate to have that option, the important thing is to use it wisely. Be clear about your boundaries and stick to them.
    • Living Your Truth – If you are doing what you are meant to be doing there is harmony, the universe will support you and very little anyone else says or does will get in your way. Use Feng Shui to complement your efforts.

    Implement and experiment with some, or all of these suggestions, be attentive to the influences that they have on you and your environment and reap the rewards.

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