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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 15 Oct


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    QDoes a canopy over your bed help or hinder? I have Indian silk saris draped over gold conduit with finials, so it is light and colourful. I also have a green wall behind my bed – it looks great but is it good Feng Shui? J Pusey

    AFrom your description I don’t see why the look of your bedroom would bring you bad fortune. In fact, what is more important is the position of the bedroom in relationship to the rest of the rooms. This is determined by the orientation of the home and when it was built.

    Q My bedroom faces north and the window is towards the garden yet I still feel tired when I wake up should I move my bed toward the wall? A Jones

    APlacing your bedhead so that it is up against a solid wall is one of the basic rules for practicing good Feng Shui. So………if it is not placed in this way then I would do so as soon as possible.

    QWe have an old house with limited wardrobe space and I would like to install a mirrored sliding door robe in the nursery. Will this have a negative impact on my baby sleeping in the room? T Osborne

    AAbsolutely. When consulting - In every single instance where mirrors were a part of the bedroom décor (especially a wall full of mirrors like you are suggesting) there has been a lack of wellness. Mostly this has been reflected in an inability to sleep well and the person/s being tired and generally lacking energy.

    QI want true love in my life………..what do I place and where? M Koltasc

    ATrue love in anyone’s life is assisted by the positioning of the bedroom and whether that bedroom attracts male or female energy. So, if love is not coming to you and you have an option of changing to another room – do so - and monitor what occurs. If life is more positive then stay there and don’t worry if it is a small room and doesn’t have an ensuite.

    QIs it important to have everything in pairs in décor for the bedroom? E Thorpe

    AI don’t believe that this is essential however; the symbolic significance is worth taking into consideration.

    QHow can I encourage romance back into our house? A Harper

    AThe placement of the bedroom plays a very important part to attracting and maintaining harmonious relationships. However, I believe Romance is something that you, as a couple, can generate. So, if romance is missing in your relationship then the best way to change that is by beginning the process yourself - perhaps with a candle lit dinner or a special surprise – anything that evokes the sense of Romance for you.. In that way, I’m sure your partner will follow.

    QWhat is the best Feng Shui positioning of your bed in the bedroom to bring harmony and new love into your life? Is it bad luck to remain sleeping in the same ex-marital bed long after the divorce? S Capsis

    AAlways place the head of your bed against a solid wall and preferably not directly opposite an opening, particularly the entrance to the bedroom. Shortly after my husband and I were married we purchased a new bed and we wanted this so that, energetically, we both had a clean slate to move forward on.

    QHow do we get calm in our house with 5 children aged 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17. M Hughes-Odgers

    AYou have three children in their teens – is it really possible to achieve harmony? Absolutely!!

    In every home there are the good energies and the more negative influences. The art in consulting is to know which energy is best used and for whom that particular energy would work best. However, a fundamental rule is to ensure that the parents are taken care of and that their bedroom is well located. And the premise is that if the parents aren’t doing well it is a lot more difficult to keep everything else together, that forms part of a happy family, functioning harmoniously.

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