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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 04 Jul


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    For the last 30 plus years there has been a dramatic shift within the western world towards embracing ancient eastern philosophies in general. With the increased awareness has come the realisation and acceptance that there is a lot of validity in their teachings and that these can be integrated into our daily lives for the better. Take a look at acupuncture – once upon a time it was on the periphery of western medicine and now a growing number of people use it and reap the benefits.

    There has been a lot said about the Chinese art and science of placement – Feng Shui, but in simple terms it’s the study of environmental influences and how they impact on human life. It is about the use of energy flow and focuses on maximising the good forces and minimising the more negative influences. Feng Shui works in creating harmonious, balanced relationships between individuals, buildings and the landscape so as to enhance all aspects of your life. Harmony and balance being the key words – if there’s harmony and balance then it’s highly likely that good health and prosperity will follow.

    For those wishing to create a life filled with harmony and prosperity it’s one of the more beneficial tools you can use.

    Feng Shui is approximately 6000 years old and is based on the laws of nature. Feng Shui came about as a lengthy and committed study of nature by the Chinese and is not based on religious rituals and beliefs as is commonly thought. Over time, several different schools of practice have developed. The most common Feng Shui method used in Australia is the ‘Ba Gua’ system. This method has been popularised by magazines and self-help books and is relatively simple to understand in comparison to the more traditional methods.

    The more authentic and potent systems of application are the ‘form’, ‘8 house’ and the ‘flying star’ methods. However, only one (the flying star school) takes into consideration the energetic changes and influences that occurs over time. The latter cannot be practiced without the traditional Feng Shui compass called the Lo Pan and takes into account the year that the home was built and/or first occupied.

    Case study:-

    A client with strong focusing skills was referred to me because since moving into new premises he was unable to concentrate on any of the tasks at hand. He had placed himself within the office so that he had a lot of external traffic coming towards him and similar movement behind him. The large windows at these points exacerbated this. The option was to place him with his back against the West wall or the North wall and because of other energetic influences the North wall was chosen and the client has never looked back. The North wall gave him protection, stability and the ‘passive’ location required to focus on the tasks at hand. See diagram.

    Over time we will cover the different practicing styles of Feng Shui and we look forward to receiving your questions and answering them in the next issue.

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