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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • Build & Design

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    During the course of the past twenty years I have regularly been asked “When is the best time to engage you as a Feng Shui consultant?” Whilst you can engage a consultant anytime…the ideal moment, after site selection, is when you are designing your new home.

    For most people, building is a once in a lifetime investment. An analysis by the Feng Shui Centre can make a positive and permanent difference to the quality of health you enjoy, the level of happiness and comfort of your family and the ease with which you can financially prosper.

    Whether you retain the services of an architect, a builder or a designer you have a range of expertise around you to make sure it is right. So….make it even better by obtaining a fresh opinion using an ancient technology that still serves us in more contemporary times. In this way you add to your opportunities in life.

    Our analysis is always professional, thorough and considerate of your needs and desires while providing alternate options to aspects of building your home. The design of a new home or office space is one of the most important and influential factors affecting the consistency of positive influences.

    Using the technology of Feng Shui in this process can greatly assist in the creation of a space that is not only visually appealing, but harmonious. A place that brings prosperity and one that you and/or your clients will love – your sanctuary.

    If you are thinking of building, we can assist you in:

    • Selecting the best building location and address
    • Placing your home in the optimal position on that site
    • Interior floorplan and design for most the auspicious location of rooms and space efficiency
    • Colour scheme selection for additional value
    • The most prosperous options for the location of your entry points.
    • Furniture Placement; correct and most comfortable options throughout the home
    • Water features; most prosperous location for your pool, pond and all water features
    • Décor positioning; best placement for artwork and special objects.
    • Positioning of your driveway, entry points and parking
    • Landscaping options; suggestions on how to marry the inside with the external environment for improved beauty and benefits

    The Feng Shui Centre can either work with you on a personal design or work alongside your architect, builder or interior designer to create a space that meets your needs, is spatially effective, energy efficient and is in harmony with its external environment.

    Hi Juliana,
    It was a pleasure for Coral and I to meet and work with such a knowledgeable and professional woman as yourself. We enjoyed your energy and adaptability and are delighted with the concepts and design ideas for the renovation of our home.
    Dom Passalacqua
    Dom PassalacquaVictoria Park WA

    Site selection

    With extensive modern day development within urban areas, selecting an optimal location and address for your home or business according to authentic Feng Shui principles can be a challenging process – and one that requires a trained professional.

    The Feng Shui Centre offers site selection consultations for both private and corporate clients to assess potential locations according to the surrounding environment and ensure the final selection is conducive to prosperity, health and happiness.

    Consultations typically occur at the site and include analysis of the surrounding environment, address any potential aspects and directions of the proposed building.

    Once a site has been selected, the Feng Shui Centre can then assist you in placing your home on that site, and work with you or your architect/ builder on optimal building design.

    All fees are project based and dependant on the scope of work.

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